The Human Problem


The human condition is that of a self-aware being, confined to a body. In this each of us is confronted by and identified with limitation. At birth we find ourselves in a world where we are vulnerable and depend on others to provide us with our needs for survival, comfort, love, and containment. These vital needs are satisfied to varying degrees. But even under the best of parenting situations, for a being whose true origin is as a seed of the Great Self-Aware All-One, being in body is inherently difficult and full of concerns, unknowns, and fears – not the least of which is that we might be further diminished and our spirit (self-awareness) annihilated.

And so we can see that to be separated from our natural identification and oneness with godhood (God) – vulnerable, diminished, and yet still self-aware – is a great injury. This state of identifying simultaneously with the polarity of being both child-like and god-like is inherently difficult. But the injury does not end there. For in being further touched by life we come to deeper experience life’s drama and trauma, and the depth of our limitation and vulnerability that so very much runs against our true, self-aware, god-like nature.

It is in this separation from our true nature and in this absence of our true Self that we learn to further split off and hide our awareness of life’s difficulties. This fragmenting of our awareness, our conscious being or “Self,” has a positive purpose in that it at least lessens our awareness of fear and pain. Yet burying our fear (and ourselves with it) has drawbacks, as the reduced wholeness of Self results in diminished well being, expressing itself in the body, mind, energy, and life that ones consciousness or “spirit” directs. And so, we spiral down in our choices as we manifest and grow in the body.

A Fundamental Law of Attraction, which Jung’s term ‘synchronicity’ partly describes, states that we each draw to us (manifest) that which matches our state of inner being (“as within so without, as above so below”). So, if our consciousness, spirit, or “Self” is fragmented and holding fear-based parts of our self-awareness in a structure of difficulty and “dis-ease,” then we attract and manifest that which resonates with that fear, difficulty, or dis-ease.

In this way our inner reality – the state of our individual consciousness, whole or fragmented – determines our outer life, as well as the state of our body-mind. To a large degree this is done without us even being aware that we are the source. And so it is our individual, fragmented consciousness that holds us in patterns of repetition in a working through, as part of an attempt to reunite the Self and regain Eden (wholeness). This structured (fragmented) consciousness is the glue that binds us to our karma. But, if this unconscious self – that binds and repetitively compels us unconsciously – is accessed, it can be loosened and completely freed into whole, radiant, well being.



The SelfQuesting Approach


The SelfQuesting Approach finds trapped awareness that has separated off from the conscious self to become a fear-based structure in the unconscious, and frees it to radiate freely in conscious oneness in the body/mind and present again. One practitioner dubbed the process of reuniting ones fragmented awareness with the conscious Self, “the road back home” – home to the “authentic excellence” of ones consciousness radiating in its wholeness, home to a sense of spirited belonging and well being. This is a homecoming to Self, grounded in body, on the earth, with a wondrous sense of being a rightful member of the cosmos.

            The SelfQuesting Approach is not some vague, mystical concept. It is a simple, elegant, practical approach to finding parts of ones conscious being (“Self” or “spirit”), that have split off from fully-conscious existence due to having been traumatically touched by life, and reuniting them with the conscious Self, grounded and radiating freely in the body-mind. The process moves quickly, and the results are immediately obvious by experience.

Typically a SelfQuesting session begins by talking about the client’s personal issues with a trained facilitator. This discussion stimulates awareness in both client and facilitator of the client’s unconscious fragments of self (parts of ones once-conscious being that have separated off and gone into the unconscious) that are associated with the issue or difficulty being talked about. These black holes in the client’s consciousness implode and hide in the client’s unconscious and, though positively intended, disrupt the well being of the client’s body, mind, energy, and life.

The facilitator next assists the SelfQuesting client to get curious, and further identify the part by beginning to communicate with it. The finding of the self-part’s location in or around the client’s body is often helpful. The client’s imagination, intuition, and other senses are used to gain access to the part. If the client has a visual, sensorial, intuitive, kinesthetic, or other sense for the fragment, the client is guided to expand that awareness. Thus, a conscious connection with the unconscious disconnected self-part begins. Curiosity drives the process, as the “who, what, when, where, and why” of the part’s existence is explored through the client’s communication with this newfound, fragmented awareness.

Everything that needs to be known can be gained through the client. Any senses, feelings, thoughts, or intuitions that come to the facilitator regarding the client (and the part being worked with) are investigated and confirmed with the client. In this way the process is true to the client and their SelfQuesting process of increasing self-awareness. The process is not primarily based on the facilitator, or the facilitator’s assumptions or perceptions, which might not be true for the client. The facilitator’s perceptions and intuitions are very important, but are secondary to verification with the client’s (and the part’s) reality.

Through the client’s inquiry into an issue, a fragment of consciousness might surface that later in the session is found to be related to past or parallel lives, other people’s consciousness, parasitic consciousness, etc. No judgments are made as to the “reality” or nature of these, other than that fragments of others consciousness don’t belong in a person’s system and that any foreign consciousness, once found, can now be released because the client has become aware of them and thus has gained power over them. It is only fear and lack of awareness that holds fragmented awareness in the unconscious. Like a perpetual-motion machine, once set in motion in the unconscious, a fragment remains in the unconscious doing what it does until the light of awareness shines on it and directs it otherwise. Doing “what it does” (dis-ease) is also how the part calls to us, to gain our attention and thereby regain unity.

In SelfQuesting, curious investigation sheds this light of awareness and dispels the darkness created by these black holes in ones internal world. And just like a “black hole” in outer space, in which the gravity of the situation has become so great that it has imploded on itself and separated beyond its event horizon from all around it, when enough light and matter is shed onto a fragment, the “gravity” holding the situation is overcome and what was closed opens to shine an even greater awareness onto everything. Wholeness of conscious being therefore is unstructured, radiant and shining like the Sun. Whereas structured, fragmented consciousness is dark, compressed, foreboding, and full of difficulty – the source of all dis-ease.

Experience has shown that whatever is contacted through this approach, once enough awareness is brought to the situation, it can be released. Then positive permanent shifts in the issue(s) are experienced. This result is enough to verify the veracity of the approach. But ones more positive subjective state is also verification, and one that the SelfQuesting client who has just released a source of dis-ease feels no need to argue with. Specific initial aims, such as “today we’re going to do a past-life regression,” are not particular to the SelfQuesting Approach.  SelfQuesting begins by talking about current issues and goes wherever the dialogue with the discovered part takes one. The investigation of an issue might, for example, lead to a fragment claiming to have been created in a past life, and it might not. The client and facilitator merely go into the psyche and follow where that leads “without memory or desire” on the part of the facilitator, and without undue interference from the client’s conscious mind. The facilitator’s relative wholeness and proper presence within an environment of curiosity, openness, and experience is all that’s needed. Any specific blocks surfacing in the process melt in the face of curiosity, respect, and the light of awareness.

Once enough is known, about the part by the client, and about the client by the part, the splintered consciousness can release from its withholding structure and radiate out and into oneness with the conscious self, to create Self (wholeness). This release precipitates a process of integration, whereby the body, mind, energy, identity, and life of the client come into alignment (wellness) in a way that reflects the new wholeness of conscious being.


Integrating Wholeness of Consciousness Into Mind-Body Well Being 


Integration may take minutes, hours, days, or more and coincides with a growth process that was formerly blocked but now has no known limits. The client’s system adjusts and grows according to the newly unified self-awareness. This more whole “Self” or “spirit” directs the expression of the body, mind, and life according to its greater wholeness, rather than the separation, fear, difficulty, and dis-ease that existed before in fragmentation. Integration can often be greatly facilitated by using vibrational tools.

Particularly, high-quality essential oils can smooth, hasten, and assist this transformation to expressing whole being on all levels of the individual’s body, mind, subtle energy, and outer life. These various levels of ones system always reflect the state of the Self, whole or fragmented. [For more on the use of essential oils and other vibrational tools also see the book Butterflies in a Bottle (Greg Hitter, PhD) and several of the SelfQuest newsletters available on selfquesting.com.]

Thus, greater wholeness translates to greater wellness and well being. It also frees one to create wealth, and develops a greater sense of holiness, the sacred, spirit. [Interestingly enough, these words – well, wellness, wealth, heal, health, holiness, hallowed – all derive from the common root word “whole,” implying that to have these qualities requires wholeness, not as some vague mystical concept, but as a state of being whole in ones conscious being, Self.]

Once a particular fragmented awareness is freed, it does not go back to a fragmented state. The issue(s) associated with that released fragment typically will shift to reflect the greater wholeness. Other fragments may still hold the issue in a now-modified expression until these remaining fragments are given their due and released into wholeness. [How else could it be?]

Thus, the source of pain and repetitive difficulty, even what some call “karma,” can be found in an individual’s fragmented consciousness, and released into whole being by directly questing oneness of consciousness. From the very first session, one can sense the directness, ease, and quick, powerful results of the SelfQuesting Approach.

As one becomes whole there is less of a need to eat to self-medicate, and thus keep pain down with food that lowers ones awareness. There is a natural tendency to gravitate toward a whole, raw, superfood (wolfberry, cacao, maca, bluegreen alge, coconut, etc.) vegan diet (no meat or dairy) that genuinely feeds the body-mind what it needs. This diet provides the rich, highly bio-available forms of minerals and other nutrients that the body and brain need to optimally hold wholeness of consciousness in the body and to perform optimally, without destroying the body’s health, energy, ph balance, oxygen, and other nutrients as cooked food, dairy, and meat will do. Approaching a rawfood, vegan diet after having achieved a semblance of wholeness becomes a natural, easy, enjoyable process – as opposed to being a test of discipline in an attempt to conform to a good idea (the kind of extreme discipline and idea that only the pain of a fragmented Self can drive).


[For more info on SelfQuesting and a free initial consultation contact the SelfQuesting Center for Whole Being. The SelfQuesting Approach  (brochure) can be effectively accomplished in private, in-person or phone sessions, or in workshops, with profound results noticeable immediately. Training is also available for those who want to learn to facilitate the SelfQuesting process. Credit card, PayPal, and personal check are accepted forms of payment.]


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