SelfQuesting lends itself well to being done over the phone, providing the convenience, relative safety, and confidentiality that many need. As a psychotherapist I offered sessions only in person. But SelfQuesting works in a different way and can be done powerfully and effectively either over the phone or with the client and facilitator in the same room. This way, clients everywhere can take advantage of relatively low-cost, high-quality sessions with a facilitator of their choosing, without the limitations of time and distance.

            Phone sessions, like in-person sessions or SelfQuesting workshops, involve discussing issues with your SelfQuesting facilitator who is able to assist you to connect these issues with unconscious fragments of your Self. The facilitator will invite you to engage your curiosity in a communication with that consciousness. The client is urged to take note of what enters their awareness as the facilitator's line of questioning connects them with the part that is now becoming conscious. The client's imagination is fed by the facilitator's direction, and in turn feeds the client's awareness with information from the consciousness being investigated. When enough is known about the "who, what, when, where, and why" of the part, it will release from its unconscious withholding, dissolve out of its structure of dis-ease, and radiate into conscious being with the client's conscious self, to freely radiate in the body/mind and present.

The client then undergoes a process of integration, where this new wholeness of conscious being causes the client's energy, mind, body, and life to shift and configure itself according to this new direction from consciousness. Tools such as quality essential oils (Young Living Essential Oils), the Chi Machine, and the Power Tap, among other vibrational tools, assist the process of integration and release, and make the shift of wholeness of consciousness into wellness a much faster, smoother, easier process at all levels.

The client will typically see the issues that started the discussion and led to finding, communicating, and releasing the fragment(s), begin to shift positively or change altogether after a session, as the client's body, mind, and life come into alignment with whole being. An issue might be shifted in just a single session with the release of one fragment. Or an issue might be fed by many or all the client's fragments and require many sessions to see a permanent disappearance of the problem. This is especially true of chronic and long-term problems. With each fragment release however, the client will usually notice a positive shift and general improvement in the quality, quantity, and character of the problem.

Sessions usually run about 1 to 1.5 hours in duration (half an hour longer in the first session or two, as the client becomes familiar with the process). Sessions can sometimes run shorter, or much longer, but rarely. The client is charged a session fee at an hourly rate (1/2 hour minimum). A free initial consultation is offered to give prospective clients an overview of the process, answer questions, discuss the client's specific situation, and to give the client and facilitator a chance to get to know each other. Call the SelfQuesting Center for Whole Being" for your free initial consultation today.

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