“ This is our destiny, to be one with God in a unity that transcends all distinctions, and in which each individual being is found in his or her integral wholeness.”

- Father Bede Griffiths



The History of Greg Hitter

Greg Hitter's Qualifications


            Since 1995, SelfQuesting has been helping people from all walks of life and all over the world achieve happiness, success, and well being in all aspects of their life. I'm confident, based on this time-proven and ever-improving record, that no matter what your life, history, or your current state of health, happiness, wealth, or wholeness, that SelfQuesting is for you, and that it is a method that will show quick and powerful results from the get go. I believe anyone can be reached with the SelfQuesting Approach and that it will move them powerfully toward whole being, and the wellness, success, happiness, meaning, and inner peace they seek and that is their birthright. Yes, that's right, I said "wholeness is your birthright!"

            If you want to know, and more importantly be, who you are, and from that fulfill the potential of all you can manifest in life, SelfQuesting can facilitate true self-connectedness in a simple, elegant way that nothing else will, creating profound results that you probably never thought possible. I say this from my personal SelfQuesting experience, as well as having facilitated other's quests for wholeness since 1995.

If you're like me, you've probably found that most approaches to well being are like trying to dig a ditch with a teaspoon - the results leave you with a certain sense that there must be something more, a better way or tool. The SelfQuesting Approach is that better tool.

If you are tired of superficial effects based on ungrounded methods and half-thought philosophies - or worse, the sterile air of the clinic, where honest, heart-based relating is subordinated to diagnosis, manipulation, and the almighty dollar - then speaking with a SelfQuesting facilitator will be a refreshing, enlightening experience.


The SelfQuesting "Philosophy"

Each of us is a unique being. Everyone's past is different, so too is their state of fragmentation/wholeness and its expression in their life. The path returning one to themselves, to wholeness of Self, is therefore personal and unique, and something that is not likely to happen overnight. It took some time to get where you are; it will take some time and effort to return to wholeness. But it won't take nearly as much time and effort as you might think, or have already expended in your search with other approaches. More importantly, it won't require looking outside yourself. That great distraction and sacrifice is eliminated with the SelfQuesting Approach.

SelfQuesting is a client-centered approach that focuses on a client's issues as the doorways to finding and connecting with lost parts of ones conscious being. It is not philosophy-centered, idea-centered, or feeling-centered. But, since thought, idea, and feeling are important to understanding, communicating, and implementing any method, the SelfQuesting Approach doesn't neglect them as a means to examining the issues and speaking passionately on SelfQuesting.  We at the SelfQuesting Center can do this quite well

By implementing a consciousness-based worldview - where consciousness is seen as the driving and directing force behind everything - the SelfQuesting Approach empowers itself to understand and implement a method that goes to the true and deepest cause of why any issue manifests in a client's life.


Life's Realities

In troubled times, faced by the difficulties of being in the world, we split off part of our conscious being as a protective mechanism. This is done universally; we all do it. The fear arises that if one doesn't protect themselves in this way, then fragmenting into millions of pieces could result, and death or worse, total annihilation of Self, no awareness, nothingness. So the Self fragments a piece of its awareness and intent off, and squirrels away a part of its essence (self-awareness, what some call "spirit") into the unconscious in a paradoxical move to fragment in order to avoid fragmentation and  annihilation.

The humor and irony of fragmenting to avoid fragmenting is usually lost, as one struggles - trapped in a self-created environment structured around fear. A fear that, by design, is now unconscious - though it has profound effects on the person's entire being (identity, energy, mind, body, life). So, once wholeness is lost, dis-ease becomes structured into ones life and being. Dis-ease is therefore structured, while "well being" is a consciousness radiating the wholeness of One Self - unstructured, freely-radiating like a Sun shining light.

The SelfQuesting Approach understands that once ones awareness is lost from the conscious mind to the unconscious in this way - when a person's conscious being or "Self" fragments - it then sets itself in duality and to a dual purpose. On the one hand it attempts to remain static and perform its intention to self-protect. At the same time, on the other hand, the splintered Self seeks the unity that has been lost. Not being whole, and needing to proceed by its fear-laden mandate to protect, the fragmented Self uses its self-created life issues (pain, drama, and trauma) to get attention, in an attempt to reunite with the conscious mind.

Thus consciousness, desiring unity, uses "dis-ease" as its calling card - as a way to introduce us to a path to wholeness and our Self. Failing to heed the call results in more drama and trauma in our lives, as our unconscious, fragmented Self finds more desperate ways to express its need for unity - as if to say, "Can you hear me now? How about now?" Not listening or not having the tools to meet life more consciously, or using addiction and other forms of avoidance, denial, and acting out, leads to a miserable existence as one spirals down toward the bottom.


Hope and Heart

Those with heart who have not given up on life - not having been completely overwhelmed by their pain, fear, and absence of Self - search for happiness, well being, a sense of completeness, wholeness. Some of us seek happiness materially, while others search through learning. Some connect wholeness with ideas of "God," seeking "holiness" in religion or spirituality. Others seek completion, consciously or unconsciously, in work, relationships, addictions, money, success, fame, or the many other external distractions created to deny the pain of our state of separation and nothingness (non-being).

The renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung felt, like the Buddhists, that seeking outside ones self, even for God, is a "projecting" out there of the potential of ones own conscious being, or "Self" - in denial of a path that can only really be found within, in a meeting with our own soul or Self. Jung felt we must expand our individual consciousness, what some vaguely call "soul" or "spirit," in order to become godlike, whole. Thus, for Jung, "Self" is spelled with a capital "S" to lend a reverence to its meaning and importance. A renowned Buddhist once advised in regard to our tendency to abandon ourselves, project, and chase desire in the external, "we should be less like the dogs that go for every bone thrown, and more like the lion that goes for the thrower". Our trapped, unconscious, divided Self is the "thrower," calling to be discovered.

Those familiar with biblical scripture know that Christ has been quoted to say, "Hath my Father not told you, you are gods?" and elsewhere "Know you not that you are gods?" Even Isaiah said, "You shall be as gods!" We see our potential, and the potential of our wholeness ("holiness"), placed before us in these teachings. All spiritual movements in their origins acknowledged this potential. Only in their falling away into dogma and the politics of control did this possibility become silenced and lost. No new idea is being presented here in regard to an individual's potential for godhood.

What might be new, however, is a clearer recognition that the time is now for the human individual to inherit their birthright - the legacy of wholeness that has been intimated and heralded down through the ages. What also might be new is a clearer way to approach it. Humanity has finally arrived at the point where we have the development and resources, inner and outer, to truly embrace our Self and our intended manifest destiny. Imagine a world where individuals, instead of worshiping ideas and actions based on the psyche's underlying fears, come to loving others by being, knowing, and loving themselves first. And imagine this has become the dominant force in the world!


Doubt and Belief

            Believe what you will. For belief, like idea, is not particularly required in SelfQuesting. So doubt and be skeptical. But in your doubting, doubt your doubt and be skeptical of your skepticism and thought. Do this just enough to allow for an experience - a SelfQuesting experience - to take the first step on a journey and a path to your Self. Engaging in the SelfQuesting process is an act of faith, in yourself and life. To act requires hope and belief in life's possibilities, and a willingness to step into the unknown.

You are about to enter a personal journey that will create deep, powerful, and meaningful change, unequal to anything you've experienced before or can imagine. And it is entirely yours. It is you. And most, if not all, of the discovery, guidance, and knowledge in this process will come from within you, not outside you, not even from the facilitator of your quest. Though, of course, what is outside you will always reflect what's within you, as it mirrors the Self (synchronicity).

            Your task in SelfQuesting will be to live your life, and communicate pains and issues in session, honestly and openly. This will allow your facilitator, who has a trained ear for "hearing" hidden parts of the Self, to guide you to a communication and reunion with that lost awareness trapped in your unconscious - releasing it into conscious being, grounding it into the body-mind, to freely radiate in wholeness like the Sun (Son).

            This concept and experience of the Christed Self, shining gloriously within, is not new. Many well-known writings and writers have shared their experience of this state of realized consciousness, of Self, which in the ancient tradition of numerology was signified by the number 33 and held sacred by the old orders of self-realization:


                                    Sonnet 33

            Full many a glorious morning I have seen

            Flatter the mountain-tops with sovereign eye,

            Kissing with golden face the meadows green,

            Anon permit the basest clouds to ride

            With ugly rack on his celestial face,

            And from the forlorn world his visage hide,

            Stealing unseen to the west with this disgrace:

            Even so my Sun one early morn did shine

            With all triumphant splendor on my brow;

            But, out, alack! He was but one hour mine,

The region cloud hath masked Him from me now.

Yet Him for this my love no whit disdaineth;

Suns of the world may stain when heaven's Sun staineth.


- William Shakespeare


                                                Canto 33

Here my powers rest from their high fantasy,

But already could I feel my being turned -

Instinct and intellect balanced equally

As in a wheel whose motion nothing jars -

By the Love that moves the Sun and the other stars.


                                    - Dante (Paradiso)


What has been missing from the ancient traditions leading to these experiences, and thus largely unavailable to the individuals who previously partook of them, are the resources that we have today. Not the least of which is a wisdom grounded in practical experience and tempered with the teachings of both postmodern science and ancient wisdom - as well as a culture based on those traditions that now at least allows for a certain awareness and freedom of expression, without the old oppressions on the psyche. This new awareness and freedom allows for a more direct approach to experiencing the Self, unencumbered by many bygone limiting realities and their requirements. And so a simplified, more direct approach can be envisioned and undertaken to discover the Self.


Respect for You

SelfQuesting focuses on your life's problems, as your fragmented awareness speaks through them. And these become doorways through which you reconnect with your unconscious and those parts of your self-awareness that have been lost to difficulty - ultimately to reunite them with your conscious mind and thus create a unified Self. You become a human being, living life fulfilled - as opposed to a human doing, driven to seek outside yourself what can only be found and fulfilled in wholeness from within.

It's important for you to know that SelfQuesting is not about shaping you in the image of your facilitator, or bringing you in line with their thoughts or wishes. It is not about controlling you in subtle ways or creating a following. It is not about pitting hope against hopelessness or emptiness. Rather it is about bringing real resources to bear, and delivering the goods. It is about allowing and, even more, assisting you to be you within a process of finding and reuniting with yourself and meaning, wellness, success, beauty, and happiness.

Facilitating SelfQuesting is about holding a space for another to truly be themselves - even when they can't be - especially when they can't be! It is about being "a guardian of the real Self" and not abandoning the client to idea, untruth, fear, or efficiency. SelfQuesting is always done in a gentle, non-forceful, respectful, and self-respecting way - no exceptions or excuses. Nothing needs to be forced, ever - as everything is there and presenting that is necessary to proceed to wholeness, provided the client will engage in the process of SelfQuesting.

            Many tools to success and happiness offer programs and methods that focus on exterior trappings and on symptoms, rather than the deep underlying causes in ones consciousness. How your consciousness is structured - in fear and fragmentation, or freely radiating in conscious wholeness in the body-mind - determines what is expressed on all levels of your existence, in your body, mind, energy, spirit, behavior, and life. Thus, a whole, conscious, freely radiating Self creates well being - wellness according to its wholeness. Whereas a fragmented Self creates "dis-ease" on all levels according to its structure of fear and fragmentation. How else could it be?

The old adage, "as above, so below" or "as within, so without" stems from ancient wisdom, holding this knowledge that an individual's consciousness is the director of the stage on which the drama of their life unfolds. Once the fact that choices are (and were) available is realized, within a movement of the Self toward whole being, the resulting "ah hah!" becomes the focal point of a self-realized laugh of release and relief that rolls through ones universe as if sourced by some great cosmic joke. And the essence of this self-realization is that the source is you.


An Offering

As you wander through the writings on this website, keep in mind that it's the state of your awareness, your consciousness, that determines your life. No amount of knowledge, reading, feeling, dialogue, or insight will bring you to a unified state of conscious being, to your Self. Finding the parts of your awareness that have fragmented off into the unconscious, and then releasing them from their fragmented structure, will create a wholeness that leads to happiness and well being. SelfQuesting is a process of experience and transformation toward being, and being whole. SelfQuesting is not a process based on knowing, thinking, or feeling. In fact, SelfQuesting acknowledges that these elements of mind are created by states of consciousness (Self), not the other way around.

Many modes of psychotherapy focus on processing thought or emotion ("feeling") such as Primal, Gestalt, and Psychoanalytic psychotherapy. SelfQuesting  focuses on connecting and freeing the consciousness behind these elements of the body-mind - on wholing consciousness.

While SelfQuesting powerfully effects thoughts, feelings, and the body positively, this doesn't mean it's "psychotherapy" (or religion or medicine). Any more than psychotherapy, from its widely known positive effects on the body and spirit, can be considered the practice of medicine or religion. SelfQuesting is an entirely different paradigm from the two previous great worldviews of religion and science, and its process doesn't focus on content or symptom. Instead it focuses on a process of finding consciousness and bringing it into wholeness - bringing "light to light."


Your Birthright

I urge you to call for your free initial consultation - to experience firsthand the grace, wonder, and power of a process that will bring you to your Self and being whole.

If you want to find out who you really are, and why you're in the world, engage in finding and reuniting those parts of your awareness that are trapped in fear in the unconscious. No matter what you've tried before, no matter how you've failed in your search for happiness, SelfQuesting can assist you to come to yourself and find the lasting well being that only wholeness of consciousness can offer. SelfQuesting can open you to the peace, success, happiness, meaning, and fulfillment that truly is your birthright. In this way it truly is "the road back home."

You might ask, "if wholeness is my birthright, why don't I have that wholeness now, and the well being it implies?" The answer is that you have forgotten yourself and need to re-member it - to find the parts of your consciousness, lost and trapped in the unconscious, and reunite them with the awareness that freely radiates in your body-mind in the present. From that whole conscious being, grounded in the body, will come a whole brain and a whole mind-body that function in ways reflecting well being and a meaningful ("holy"= whole) way of life.

By this process, your autonomic nervous system will move toward balance, as will your endocrine (hormonal) and other mind-body systems, perhaps requiring some natural adjustments in diet and use of the "vibrational tools" shared here. You will begin to process less exclusively from your left-brain (thinking, reasoning, etc.) and more from your whole brain and being, and give up control. You will begin to sense, feel, and intuit in ways that will expand your thinking and experience of life. All aspects of your being will unite into a whole and make sense in every way with everything else. You will come to a profound understanding of yourself and the weave of your life as it comes together into one simple tapestry, Self.

All levels of your existence that called through drama and pain for attention and change will undergo a shift. Your habits and behaviors will begin to support wellness, as you are moved toward a more natural diet (one no longer designed to stuff pain or self-medicate). And you will naturally adopt new and appropriate ways of living. True systemic wellness will have the opportunity to manifest on all levels of your existence (body, mind, energy, spirit). Dysfunctional ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and being will fall away and be replaced by ease, love, contentment, belonging, joy. You will come to realize the truth that:


"Well being is a consciousness radiating the wholeness of One Self"


To my friends, and life:


i carry you in my heart


i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)

i am never without it (anywhere I go you go, my dear

and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)


i fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)

i want no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)

and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant

and whatever a sun will always sing is you 


here is the deepest secret no one knows

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

and the sky of the sky of a tree called life

which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)

and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart


i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)


                           - e e cummings









Above and below me

hovers the beautiful.

I am surrounded by it.

I am immersed in it.

In my youth

I am aware of it.

And in my old age

I will walk quietly

the beautiful trail.


- Anon


And so my friends take care, good care, of yourself.  Let us know if we can help.
May the Love and Oneness of all Being shine through your heart and light your way,

 - Greg

Greg Hitter, PhD
Director, The SelfQuesting Center For Whole Being

  Motto: Well Being is a Consciousness radiating the Wholeness of One Self
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