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            The SelfQuesting Approach differs from modern psychotherapy in that it does not focus, as psychiatry does, on the relatively superficial structures and effects of the mind (emotion, thought, imagery, behavior, etc.) or their effects and causes in the body, but attends to the more deeply causal, energetic infrastructure of consciousness that underlies these effects, engaging in a process of unifying the psyche's fragmented awareness.  Thus, the approach moves to integrate (into a wholeness of conscious being) the split-off fragments of Self that contemporary dynamic psychiatry and psychotherapy call "schizoid phenomena" and recognize to exist universally in each of us.

            The SelfQuesting Approach is consistent with several evolving developments in postmodern science (Chaos/Complexity theory and quantum physics) and their descriptions of reality that validate the energy-and-consciousness-based worldviews of ancient wisdom. In this model of reality, a fourfold division of the cosmos is acknowledged, as supported by both postmodern science and ancient wisdom, where (1) consciousness or being (being as Being, the Ground of Our Being, Cosmic self-awareness, Is-ness, conscious Presence) moves into dual existence and flows into (2) the deep infrastructure of energy (the quantum implicate order, the holomovement, the Tao, etc.), which then generates (3) thoughts, emotion, sensation, imagery and other elements of the mind, to finally manifest in (4) the material world and the body. The first of these levels, that of self-aware Being, sentience, or "Self", is recognized to be an initial cause that manifests, permeates, and deeply effects the 'lower' three levels. This postmodern, as well as ancient, view conflicts with the now-outdated Newtonian scientific belief that sees all processes of the psyche (intelligence, creativity, and even consciousness itself) as materially-arising from the body, nervous system, and their action on sensory data-which belief has been adopted over the last several hundred years as a major myth of mechanistic science and medicine.

            As with contemporary dynamic psychiatry and psychotherapy, this self-integrating approach recognizes that there is a tendency, particularly early in life when difficult events overwhelm the mind to generate fear and anxiety, for the mind to attempt to protect itself by placing part of its awareness into an unconscious holding, and thus splinter off a part the individual's sentient awareness or conscious being (Self). The ontological insecurity (profound disruption of Self and fear-ridden tension), created by this disunity and splintering of the Self into schizoid states, causes conflict and "dis-ease."

            The technique of the SelfQuesting Approach involves facilitating ones awareness of these unconscious parts of Self, as they relate to life's issues and problems. The process is not unlike conventional psychotherapy, but is faster-acting and goes beyond it -to develop a rapport and understanding with these fragments of Self and unite their withheld energy and awareness into the sentient conscious being residing in the body/mind. The result is a state of self-awareness and being in which one can act consistently with ones conscious wishes and intent, with a sense of self, well-being, spontaneity, energy, confidence, and joy not previously experienced or imagined. Thus, a healing of states of consciousness is precipitated that quickly brings a deep, systemic, ontological wholeness (unified Self) that renders significant relief from physical and mental symptoms of "dis-ease" that can be clinically observed and measured. This new wholeness of Self generates a parallel shift in the individual's external life environment that reflects this new wholeness (synchronicity) and manifests accordingly as well being.

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