Only in silence the word,
Only in dark the light,
Only in dying, life:
Bright the hawk's flight
On the empty sky

- Ursala Leguin

The Polarity of the Child-God 

The ancient Greeks coined the term "enantrodromia" to describe the dual nature underlying all existence, which Carl Jung applied to understand the nature of the human psyche and soul. Enantrodromia held that all being was expressed through polarities, which dual poles generated all of existence like a magnet generates a field from its north and south. This cosmology describing outer and inner life was known long ago to the Sufi mystic poet Kabir, who wrote with the following simple elegance:

"Between the Conscious and the Unconscious, the mind has put up a swing: all earth creatures, even the supernovas, sway between these two trees, and it never winds down. Angels, animals, humans, insects by the million, also the wheeling Sun and Moon; ages go by, and it goes on.  Everything is swinging: heaven, earth, water, fire, and the Secret One slowly growing a body." [1]

The cosmology of the Tree of Life, incorporated as a fundament into early Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah, actually predates Judaism, going back many thousands of years to the earliest advanced human civilization, Sumeria. In mapping the cosmos, the Tree of Life saw a single, unified Consciousness as the central element in the cosmos, by and from which the physical universe manifests and each individual Self seeds.

The Tree of Life consists of a pure, unified Consciousness at the top "sephiroth" (what some call "God," "Allah," the "Still Point," "Hadit" to the Egyptians, "Ipissimus" to modern Magi). From this seat of Initial Conscious Being (Chia or Atziloth) that Kabbalists call "Kether," creation unfolds down through subtle energy (Briah), then mind (Yetzirah), to the bottom sephiroth, the physical universe (body), Malkuth (Asiah). This initiating act of Will and Consciousness out of Kether, the Cup of Oneness of All Conscious Being ("Jamshid's Cup" in the Mideast, intuited as a search for the "Holy Grail" in the West after knowledge of the Cup was lost), is known as the "Path of the Fool" or "Whirlwind" (symbolized by the Hindu swastika), and referred to as "the move into the Dreaded Duality."  "The hand of God... moving on the face of the deep" (the unconscious) in Genesis, also speaks of this initial move by Conscious Will upon what some call  "Duality," "Mother Nature," "Nuit," or "the Mother of the Ten Thousand Things" (the Tao).

If we take these ancient wisdoms at face value, along with the postmodern discoveries in science such as quantum physics and chaos theory that support the expanded consciousness-based views of perennial wisdom, then we begin to understand that each of us is a reflection of Duality and the potential for Dual Unity we are born into. As such we are a seed of the All-Conscious Sentience from which we come, and thus are both a self-aware God and a Child of that Being. And there lies the major dichotomy, paradox, irony, and  polarity of our individual and collective beingness' our dual existence as a Child-God.  To fathom the impact of this duality is to fathom both aspects of our Child-God nature as it swings and sings out our struggle in Duality; ultimately it is to meet our Self, "face to face."

Until we experience a "facing" of our pure, whole, self-aware being (Self) and from that a true knowing, we can only know dimly - and in the darkness "whirl upon the wheel, and kiss and hug its spokes of agony." [2]   Until ones knowing comes from the unity of conscious being created when one individuates beyond ones Child-God duality into a whole Self-- transcending to an "adult" capable of whole relations with the objects/others around them, and thus able to know from ones whole conscious being (One Self)--only then is one aware enough to be free of bondage to the wheel, the self-created storm called "karma," and thus live truly free.

Understanding the swing-song of our Child-God nature as it creates disunity in our being and life, frees us from the struggle of "riding the karmic storm" by giving insight into developing a whole, un-fragmented Self. Rudiments of a knowing of the importance of Self-unity exist in the English language. Looking up the words "holy, well, health, wealth," in a dictionary, we find these words derive from a common root word, "whole," implying a need to be whole. The meaningful link between the un-fragmented Self and meaning, abundance, health, & well being is an ancient light that has been lost in the West and East, leaving us to mystify after some vague Holy Grail or Jamshid's Cup _ a container to unify our conscious being into Oneness. "The Secret One" is ones own unconscious, fragmented self-awareness "re-membering" into the body, to become "Self." Jung noted that until the Self is realized it is projected outside as "God." And so we each strain in a quest to unify our awareness, and thus know our own Being, on our swing-song as the Child-God.  The SelfQuesting Approach to wholing states of consciousness releases lost Self from its fearful withholding into whole being.      

Greg Hitter, PhD  (San Luis Obispo, August 2005)

[1] A Fish in the Sea is not Thirsty, Kabir, (trans. Robert Bly, 1971)

[2] The Light of Asia, Sir Edwin Arnold, 1879.

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