The SelfQuesting Center for Whole Being offers SelfQuesting experiential workshops and seminars. These multi-day gatherings (2-3 days) offer a small group of attenders (8-10) an intensive journey into the Self - with the added group-energy and focus that private sessions might not provide, thus allowing special access to issues and fragments. The workshops allow for exposure to SelfQuesting in all of its aspects, including the use of Young Living Essential OilsŪ and the Power Tap, a quick and powerful procedure for clearing negative body-mind states. (For more on these tools see Vibrational Tools on this website.)

            From time to time these 2-3 day gatherings will be combined in a retreat format including lodging and an excellent raw-food or vegetarian menu, preceded by a cleansing program in a beautiful natural setting (Sedona, Hawaii, etc.). The total cost of this program, including meals, lodging and workshop fees is often below $1,000 for a 6-day workshop (3-day cleanse followed by 3 days of SelfQuesting). This combination allows for a deepened quest into Self, as the cleansing aids to open the unconscious allowing one to enter the deeper core of ones unresolved issues and fragments. This is done in a beautiful natural environment to enhance the process of opening.

            Also offered are 2-day seminars on the Use of Essential Oils to Whole Emotion and Expand the Self. These experiential seminars expose the attender to the use of essential oils to process emotion, clear cell memory, and expand ones consciousness and positive sense of Self. The essential oil blends of the Feelings Kit and 7th Heaven Kit from Young Living Essential OilsŪ along with other blends, and single oils such as frankincense and rose, are covered in their ability to powerfully effect wholeness. While the SelfQuesting workshops require a small number of attenders, due to the personal attention required by each participant, these experiential essential oil seminars can facilitate more participants, having had as many as 100 or more at a time in attendance.

            See the workshop flyers below for an overview and details of past seminars and workshops. The 2-day essential oil seminar doesn't provide SelfQuesting. But all of these events provide exposure to essential oil use and the Power Tap. For information on private sessions, please click here or call the SelfQuesting Center for Whole Being for information and a free initial consultation.

Please contact the SelfQuesting Center for Whole Being for a current schedule of seminars or to get information on how you might be able to arrange a seminar or workshop in your area.


            SelfQuesting Workshop (2 days)

            Essential Oils Workshop (2 days)

            Combined SelfQuesting & Essential Oils Workshop (3 days)

            Combined SelfQuesting & Essential Oils Cleansing Retreat (6 days)

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