Greg's Essential eNews - May 2007 (Wise as Serpents)

Hello Again,

In this month's eNews I wanted to share a personal message that
strikes home the importance of discernment and thought. There are
many kinds of people that make up this world, and while we'd like to
think that good and right rule here in the "good ol' USA," it's important
to "be wise as serpents" (Matthew 10:16) and thus avoid problems that
being naïvely ignorant can call to itself in today's world..

I'll start by sharing this letter I received recently from a client of mine.

You may recall that a couple years ago we spoke about a neighbor
of mine that seemed to have a personality change for the worse after
starting to take some type of medication. His oldest brother passed away
quite soon after a cancer diagnosis about a year ago, and then his mother
also passed away a couple months ago.
Apparently this contributed to some type of crisis or deepening
depression, and he has recently been hospitalized for shock treatments.
I was under the impression that shock treatments had pretty much gone
the way of lobotomies, but I guess not.
I would liked to have recommended you to him, but I never had
the chance. Just sharing my observations of the human condition I guess.
His farm sale is April 13th."
A. (Name withheld)

My response follows.

A. (Name withheld)

Every now and then electro-shock treatment finds proponents and
resurfaces here and there. Having witnessed it, I can say that it's a
barbaric "treatment," more akin to torture than medicine. But then
a lot of what passes for medicine is torture, not help. The reason
why this barbarity is possible carries with the winds of change that
have been blowing across this country in this the 21st Century.

After a few electroshock treatments, the frontal lobes become powder
as the nerves dry up and die. Autopsies show this, and a close
friend of mine was witness to one and confirmed it personally.

If a hand reaches out in pain for help, would you cut it off? Yet this
is what electro-shock, lobotomies, and most psychiatric meds do.
They stop the "reaching out". But the pain and the problem remain,
buried - to leave a spirit, quiet and desperate. Little more.

This is what prompted my friend Julian Whitaker, MD to write in
his Health & Healing Newsletter (Dec 2006) that "the answer to
emotional problems is not labeling and drugging… but getting to
root causes and offering safe, effective solutions. Psychiatry, as it
currently stands, just gets in the way." (I shared this with you in a
recent issue of this eNews.)

It's still the "wild, wild West" when it comes to medicine. And
the fact that high-tech corporations have applied "science" in
developing their products to turn a profit, doesn't mean we've
advanced. Or when this behavior is rationalized by calling on
"God" and "his inscrutable decree," this doesn't mean there's
truth in it, or that what's been done to aid a person's suffering
is "all that could have been," as is often claimed.

To call on another adage "God helps those who help themselves."
And "the proof is in the pudding!" is another applicable here.

It's a shame your friend and neighbor couldn't hear and then act on
your desire to help. Adding to the tragedy, the money from the
sale of his farm will now likely be used to pay for what these self-
proclaimed "responsible professionals" (whose "standard of care"
more and more each day is bought and paid for by big business)
did to him. And so his family will inherit less, while others have
gained financially from his tragedy, and without helping to any
significant extent. Too often this is the price paid to "modern

Predator/prey, or free and loving/living truthholder, which will
you be?" To not choose consciously and act is to make a choice.


Concluding: To the extent we lack "the wisdom of serpents" and
fail to exercise our mind's ability to learn and discern according
to our experience and intuition, then we will likely fall prey to the
forces of darkness - i.e., our own unconscious that works to keep
us unaware - our lack of light [light=awareness]. This lack will be
reflected in our outer world and how it manifests at us, according
to our darkness (unconsciousness) or light (awareness).

If we can be open to experiencing with our hearts and minds, and
to becoming wise in this way to the darkness around us, we will then
shed the light of our awareness on our lives and the lives of others,
and transform ourselves, making good choices. And we will trust
those choices completely, even when they are made in a relative

Its is no easy task to face the truth. Once one does this, one is led
to act, and that requires great courage. The forces of fear and
ignorance that have tied themselves to the predator/prey mentality
become very insecure and are likely to act accordingly. Can you
imagine all that Julian Whitaker, MD has had to go through,
personally and with others (including his professional peers) to be
able to say that "psychiatry gets in the way" of emotional healing?

As a manifestation of light (awareness) in my life, Young Living
and essential oils are two heartfelt experiences, along with the
wonderful people I've met through them! I urge you to become as
knowledgeable as you can about essential oils, for your own sake
and the benefit of others. To do so will enrich your life in ways you
never could have imagined. The secret is not to do it alone; but get
what you need from others on the same path - those whose passion
is to share Truth and Beauty, from their loving soul and Self.

Being "wise as serpents" ought to extend to our use of alternative
care products, including essential oils. To blindly assume that all
oils are equal or beneficial is naive, and to act on that belief will not
serve you well. The reason I have gone to using only Young Living
oils is because of their "wisdom" in doing gas chromatography on
all their oils, and insisting that all components of an oil that should
be there are, and that components that don't belong aren't.

For a distributor of oils to claim their oils are "pure" without having
a chromatograph analysis is untrue, in fact it is lying because they
know better (or should). And oils that have not had an analysis are
unfit for use as an essential oil. Young Living is the only company
I know of that does this GC analysis on all their oils. Be wise in
your choice of essential oils.

It's sometimes difficult to open our eyes to the pain and darkness
of the world - to see the pain and hardship of others. Harder still is
to look honestly into ourselves, to stare our own pain and hardship
in the face, and fish for Truth and Beauty in that deep, dark pool of
our unconscious. To do so requires a certain "capacity for sorrow
and suffering," and an ability to face "man's inhumanity to man"
and our personal experience of it.

But if we will become fishermen in this way, the joys of life surface,
as the light of our awareness dispels the darkness both within and
without. We hold this light for each other, just as the Great Ones
(Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, etc) held it for us. It is a
light that reaches, as it must, into every aspect of life, political,
religious, economic, social, and personal, if it is to be complete
and more than a denial, ruse, or falsehood. It embraces, but reaches
far beyond, the suffering and sorrow of the world, and beyond ones
own personal suffering.

Love your journey. It is your life's adventure. It is the flowering of
your soul, spirit, and Self. To trust and step forward from our heart,
we must face the darkness and suffering, but not harp on it or get
bogged down in it. Be happy. "Follow your bliss." Be wise.

Oil up and have a good month!


Greg Hitter, PhD

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