Hello All,

I wanted to update my downline on the recent lack of availability
of some Young Living Essential Oil (YLEO) products.

As many of you know, Juva Cleanse, the Feelings Kit, and the
7th Heaven Kit are not currently available from YLEO, and it
appears they will not be available in Kit form in the future. However,
what you might not know is that ALL these oils can be obtained
from YLEO.

The blends in the two Kits (Feelings and 7th Heaven) will continue
to be available for order outside the Kits. Apparently people were
not satisfied with the small 5ml bottles used in these Kits, and so
weren't ordering the Kits, but getting the 15ml bottles instead. I
happent to think that the Kits are "genius" in a bottle and ought to
be made available as kits.

Maybe these powerful blends will be offered in similar
kits with the 15ml bottles in the future, complete with the
helpful info that came with the Feelings and 7th Heaven Kits in the
past. In the meantime, order them individually, and share your
opinion (if you have one) with YLEO regarding the loss of these
oils in Kit form.

Now, as far as JuvaCleanse not being available. One of this oil
blend's components, Helichrysum, is in low supply and basically
unavailable until this Fall. In the meantime if you take a look at
GLF you'll find the same ingredients as are found in JuvaCleanse,
plus spearmint and hyssop.

Now hyssop shouldn't be taken by those prone to epilepsy or
who have high blood pressure. Some say it is somewhat hepato-
toxic (toxic to the liver). However, many of us have been using it
orally in the form of Exodus and Exodus II for some time now,
and know of hyssop's ability to help remove mucus and toxins.

The FDA has cleared hyssop for use as a food additive (FA) and
feels it is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), and placed hyssop
on these lists (GRAS & FA). When using GLF (containing hyssop),
I'd combine one or two drops of it with about four times as much
vegetable oil (4 or 8 drops of YLEO V6 oil respectively).

You might also want to use GLF externally on the site of the
liver, and combine it with some of the other excellent "Juva"
products that are good for internal use, such as JuvaFlex, JuvaTone,
and JuvaPower - all fine products for detoxifying the liver.

Just thought you should know.


Greg Hitter

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