Butterflies in a Bottle: How Essential Oils and Other Vibrational Tools Aid to Liberate the Self and Heal

Review: This 60-page booklet is an excellent and easy to read overview of how consciousness, as the driving force in the universe, can be aided by vibrational tools such as essential oils to become whole and move toward well being. Explores vibrational medicine’s ability to effect the “morphogenic structure” of the body, mind, and life, and thus release, ground, and integrate consciousness (spirit) into wholeness in the body/mind (as wellness). Extensively referenced.

(Volume 2 descrbing the SelfQuesting Approach™ itself will be available in late 2008)


(Excerpt from back cover)

In the new science of Chaos, the “butterfly effect” describes how small inputs can cascade into something much, much bigger. Adopting this postmodern perspective, new views are beginning to surface that grasp the importance and power of human consciousness—and its subtle, but powerful, energy vibrations—as the most influential “butterflies” in our system.

A psychologist and former psychotherapist—now offering the SelfQuesting Approach™ as a way to explore consciousness as the source of life’s dis-ease or well-being—the author explores new views of our consciousness, its subtle but powerful vibrational nature, and the power of vibrational tools such as essential oils to affect deep change in our body, mind, and life:

“The marriage of the pre-modern paradigm of religion and the modern paradigm of science has resulted in the birth of a new postmodern child that is wholly different, revolutionary—a new world-view that sees human realities from a higher ground, free from the limits of either of these two previous world-views—a different way of thinking, feeling, and being, and a more profound way of belonging and acting in the world….”

“Modern science focuses on the material and in so doing objectifies human consciousness, while religion attaches itself to ‘spirit’ (consciousness) as separate and transcendent of the material. Therein lies their fundamental difference, and their similarity, as both separate consciousness from the physical world. Any attempt to rectify this limitation by uniting religion and science also fails. It fails because individual human consciousness was meant to be whole and grounded fully in the body and in the world….”

“This new postmodern recognition of subtle, butterfly levels of reality allows us to see how consciousness, specifically our own conscious, self-aware being, or ‘Self,’ is able to structure the subtle, living energy fields of our system and from that determine dis-ease or well being….”

“When the ‘butterfly of consciousness’ fragments to become bottled in the unconscious, it structures energy vortices of dis-ease in our body, mind, and life. Likewise, essential oils are ‘butterflies in a bottle’—fluttering patterns of energy that can be released to assist well being. Applied from a postmodern perspective, the vibrating Beauty of essential oils can strongly aid to free our trapped Self into conscious oneness, to then cause a shift in our system and life that reflects the greater wholeness of that deep causal level….”

“The subtle vibrational life-force provided by Nature in essential oils profoundly affects living systems. That essential oils and other vibrational tools do this is important to understanding their properties and limits, and thus to knowing how they can be best applied toward whole being at all levels….”

“The source of all dis-ease is found in the Self. And it is in the Self and with vibrational tools like essential oils that dis-ease can strongly be shifted by poignant acts of profound Beauty. To limit ones focus to a ‘therapy’ acting on a ‘disease’ process misses the more expanded view of the person and their world required to create the change in the Self that dis-ease calls for….”

Taken from back cover of Butterflies in a Bottle: How Essential Oils and Other Vibrational Tools Aid to Liberate the Self and Heal written by Greg Hitter, PhD

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