My experience of SelfQuesting workshops comes from a weekend where Greg Hitter shared with a group of us - in the Chicago area – various ways to use Essential Oils and vibrational processes to heal emotion and trauma, as well as to expand and heal the “self.” It proved to be powerful and valuable to all participants. Unlike some highly educated teachers, Greg not only brings extensive knowledge and training to the table, but also a “spirit” and sensitivity required of this work. I highly recommend his programs.
- Joy Linsley
Young Living Gold Member

Young Living Essential Oils®

“He shall know His children by their scent.” –Text found with essential oil relics linked to Christ.

The lifeblood of the plant is its essential oil, which holds its life force. When properly grown, handled, processed and stored, the essential oils of plants provide a vibrational medicine, and a life and wellness affirming influence, that has just begun to be understood in its depth and wonder. Unfortunately, virtually all oils (and many herbs) sold today fail to live up to their promise because they are improperly grown, modified, mishandled, or otherwise fractionated or adulterated.

The only North American essential oil supplier (and one of the few in the world) that applies AFNOR quality standards and uses gas chromatography (GC) to confirm the presence of the full spectrum of an oil’s proper constituents and to deny adulterants, cutting agents, synthetic oils, etc., is Young Living Essential Oils® (YLEO). Since the use of adulterants, diluting agents, etc. is rife in the industry, and since the only method of detecting adulterants is to perform GC (many adulterants are clear, odorless, or otherwise undetectable), unless GC is performed, one cannot know what an oil constitutes. Therefore an oil cannot truthfully be claimed to be “therapeutic grade” without GC. Essential oils have the uncanny ability to penetrate quickly and deeply into the body carrying coexisting chemicals with them. For this reason, for uses in creating and supporting whole being, oils that have not been confirmed pure and proper by GC are substandard for use as an essential oil.

Young Living Essential Oils® (YLEO) has created a terrific product line of truly therapeutic grade single oils and wondrous oil blends, and placed them into a host of toxin-free food supplements, personal and skin care products, cleaning products, and other related wellness items that are state of the art and very trustworthy. The owner Gary Young will not sell what he won’t use on himself and his family (very dear to him), and he is very strict about what he considers worthy of use. YLEO has now expanded into Europe, Australia, Japan, and South America. As of 2007 YLEO will have over one million acres planted worldwide in production of essential oils. Administratively, YLEO is very forward looking and poised for growth. And their customer service is top notch!

The wellness industry is set to become a trillion dollar industry by 2010, as aging baby-boomers turn more and more to their inevitable health and longevity needs. Young Living, with great vision and heart, has positioned itself better each year as a leader in the wellness industry. As people worldwide turn from Big Pharma’s & Farm’s profit-driven control of modern medicine and food production to workable alternative approaches to wellness, the efficacy of YLEO’s truly “therapeutic grade” essential oils - placed synergistically into YLEO wellness products - will prove more and more to be well ahead of the competition. The YLEO compensation plan is among the best in the network marketing industry. In a world of shaky employment, a growing and sound home-based business can provide a much needed security. What’s more, aiding others toward wellness provides life with a meaning and purpose beyond description or monetary value.

Young Living is a heart-filled company with no-nonsense products. You do yourself and your loved ones a disservice by not participating. Truly “therapeutic grade” essential oils are perhaps the most powerful vibrational tools on the planet. Alone, or used synergistically in combination with other proven tools like the Chi Machine®, Holosync®, and Bikram Yoga®, and The Power Tap™, and as an aid to SelfQuesting™, oils provide an unmatched wellness tool, indispensable in today’s quick-changing world of toxins, stress, death and dis-ease for profit, and profound needs for fulfillment.

If one will allow themselves to step into a personal quest that integrates left-brained reason with right-brained intuitive experience, adding proper quality essential oil use as part of that journey, they will find a whole-brain functioning and heartfelt flowering of Self will occur. When properly integrated with a method like the SelfQuesting Approach™ one can arrive at a place, which on the one hand is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced in terms of fulfillment, and on the other, deeply and personally familiar, like “coming home.”
I urge you to call the SelfQuesting Center for Whole Being™ and become introduced to Young Living Essential Oil products today (or see the SelfQuesting™ YLEO website ). A good place to start experiencing YLEO oils is their Essential 7 Kit or the emotional and consciousness oil blends of the former Feelings Kit and 7th Heaven Kit, which can still be bought individually (though at this time no longer as kits). The YLEO Thieves product line of cleaning and personal care products is an outstanding alternative to the abundance of toxic cleaners, soaps, toothpastes, mouthwashes, etc, currently on the market.

Feel free to call to consult with SelfQuest™ regarding your specific needs. The SelfQuesting Center™ offers workshops and seminars in the use of essential oils to whole states of consciousness, and clear emotion and cell memory. Contact us for current events or to inquire about the possibility of arranging a small, intimate seminar in your area.

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