Chi Machine®

Perhaps the most frequently underestimated wellness device on the planet is the Chi Machine® made by Hsin Ten Enterprises (HTE). After repeatedly witnessing amazing results and recoveries of a wide variety of body-mind ailments, both long-term chronic and acute, I can recommend without reservation the daily use of this tool to tune in and “turn on” ones chi, and oxygenate, cleanse, and balance the entire system in the process. I use the Chi Machine® while listening to the Holosync® “Dive” audio track from Centerpointe® (see below) – and combine this Chi Machine® use with diffusing and wearing essential oils to further balance, ease integration, and empower the Holosync® program. Hsin Ten Enterprises (800-291-6088,, tell them “Greg Hitter sent you”) holds the patent on the name “chi machine.” This is the only device of this type recommended because of its proven quality and performance in an industry rife with untrustworthy knock-offs and here-today-gone-tomorrow manufacturers.

One must start slowly (2 minutes only, drinking 12 oz. of water before use and more after). Then build slowly (add 1 minute only after every two times of use). Follow directions to get full benefits and avoid pushing the system into a major detox (a rapid liver flush caused by excessive dumping of toxins from the lymph will dull memory and focus, place you in a nauseated, headachy, and cranky place, and leave you wondering why you ever wanted to try the machine). If excessive detoxification happens, you are one of the many who have underestimated the power of the Chi Machine®. Drink plenty of water, use the essential oil detox tools recommended here [Chelex Longevity Capsules, and Juva Cleanse orally] and stay off the machine for 3 days. Then go back to 2 minutes of use only and build slowly!. Remaining prone for several minutes after the machine turns off allows for the chi to integrate into the system for full benefit.
The total body-mind benefits of using this device will truly amaze you in its subtlety and power! And the joy from the rush of chi rising up your body when the machine turns off is not to be had anywhere else (greatly amplified with essential oils and Holosync!).

Far-Infrared Hothouse

HTE also offers a high-quality, but affordable far-infrared (FIR) device called the "FIR Hothouse." Unlike most competitior's devices the FIR Hothouse is easily portable, and yet powerful, and is priced well under $1000. The price and convenience of this portable far-infrared device is unmatched in the industry. The FIR Hothouse can be used while sitting in a chair, while lying in bed, or even at the same time as the Chi Macine. All this, along with the power and quality of its advanced technology, make the FIR Hothouse the far-infrared device of choice. Used alone or at the same time as the Chi Machine, the FIR Hothouse is a very potent wellness tool

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