Holosync® is a set of listening CDs that slow the listener’s brainwaves down to theta and delta states. These slower brainwave states are usually only experienced after decades of prolonged, deep meditation practice.

These slower brainwave states powerfully precipitate an emotional (and physical) working through. Holosync® also creates permanent positive changes in brain physiology. By causing the creation of new neuronal connections between the hemispheres of the brain, Holosync greatly contributes to whole-brain structure and function. The resulting clinically-verified shift in brain chemistry (roughly a 50% increase in DHEA and melatonin post-session, with a similar decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone) speaks to the power of this technology. Bikran Yoga® will also increase DHEA and serotonin/melatonin, decreasing cortisol, especially in the “half-tortoise” pose (ardha-kurmasana), as will the use of rawfoods, especially maca. Young Living Essential Oils® also significantly alter brain chemistry positively, including hormonal levels (the SclarEssence oil blend among others), with documented evidence that these changes occur within proper limits – reflecting what many aromatherapists know from their experience, that essential oils will not throw the body systems out of balance or drive it to extremes, but only bring systems back to appropriate optimum levels.

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