To build total wellness, all levels of reality (4 Orders of Reality) must be acknowledged. It stands to reason that if tools are used that powerfully influence all four levels of reality – the physical, the mental, the energetic, and the deep causal level of consciousness (Self) – then wellness can most optimally and quickly be built. In an unusually powerful way, the following tools provide the Self support on these various levels. These tools also assist the integration of the wholeness of conscious being brought about by the SelfQuesting Approach™ into the body, mind, and life. As standalone aids for wellness and for the promotion of whole being, the tools shared here are very powerful. Together, in synergy, their effect is far “greater than the sum of their parts.”

The Power Tap™
A quick and powerful technique to clear negative body-mind states (emotions, pains, issues, thoughts, addictions, behaviors, etc.). Distilled from years of research into energy-meridian tapping techniques, the Power Tap™ is easier to learn, simpler to apply, and much more effective than other similar clearing techniques.

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Young Living Essential Oils®
The premier essential oil company of North America and the only one that thoroughly tests all its oils for quality and purity using gas chromatography. This company has a wide range of essential oil products (oil blends, food supplements, cleaning products, personal and skin care, etc.) that put essential oils to work to great benefit. Essential oils are in their infancy in their use to create whole being and support wellness. Young Living is at the leading front of the wellness industry. Quality-proven oils give Young Living supplements an edge that cannot be matched elsewhere.

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The Chi Machine®
very powerful wellness device that oxygenates, detoxifies, and moves lymph like no other tool. While one lies on their back this machine moves the feet from side to side creating a figure 8 motion in the body that turns on “chi” and moves body fluids (spine, blood, lymph, etc.) to detoxify and oxygenate. Developed by a former president of the Japanese Oxygen Association the effects of this tool (while perhaps subtle to the user) produces profound results bringing about balance and well being.

The makers of the Chi Machine also offer a Far-Infared "Hothouse," which is a light, portable, affordable, far-infared device of very high quality.

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Bikram Yoga® -
Developed under medical supervision in India by Bikram Choudhury, an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed Yogi even before developing “Bikram Yoga,” this style of yoga (fashioned in the classic tradition of the ancient Indian Yoga Sutras) uses medically and scientifically proven yoga postures performed in a room at 110 degree F. The results on the body-mind and consciousness of the practitioner are quite profound in terms of fitness, health, awareness, and well being.

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Rawfood Diet
The diet we were put on this planet to eat! The only one we’ve adapted to and can be healthy on. Tired of being sick, fat, and tired? Put the excuses away and try it! Visit a rawfood restaurant (google it) to see how good it can be! A better way of living & being!
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Holosync® from Centerpointe®
Ever wonder why the East Indians have praised the benefits of meditation to the body, mind, and spirit for 5,000 years? Here, packaged for the time-crunched Westerner, are the whole-brain wellness benefits of decades of disciplined meditation. Wow!…try it!

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Greg in a yoga pose



Tools in Synergy

And then there are Young Living Essential Oils® themselves. As with
most other
human activities, essential oils can greatly assist ones Yoga and
rawfood practice. Your Yoga instructor will likely not inform you of
this, nor will your typical rawfoodist, as their experience with oils
has been corrupted by their experience with oils in perfumes and other
polluted sources that create weak or negative results due to their
contributions. Of course some people, due to their own toxic
state, will react badly to even truly pure essential oils – as the
essential oils mobilize the toxins in their body and trigger a cleansing, or
cause a mobilizing of their unprocessed emotions and issues in their psyche,
which even Yoga or rawfoods might not yet have mobilized.

My policy regarding others and my use of essential oils is as
follows: I take responsibility for using only truly pure, “therapeutic grade”
essential oils, which I know are pure because they have been tested by
gas chromatography.
I do not take responsibility for the toxic
reactions of others to my use of truly pure oils
. Nor do I take
responsibility for what the uninformed (and those who choose not to be
accountable for their own toxic state) might like to displace on me.

This having been said, as a rule I prefer not to offend others, create
discomfort for them, or thwart their will. I do however reserve my right to
do what I need to do for myself, especially when I know it is benign (and
even helpful!) in regard to others. I therefore use essential oils in my yoga
practice, but try to keep any external application to a minimum and/or
allow the application of an oil to “age” on my body a hour or more before
I go out in public.

In ones Yoga practice, I strongly recommend using Young Living
Essential Oils®
both for their trusted true purity and their powerful
balancing and wholing effects. An hour before the start of a yoga class,
I ingest a Longevity Capsule (a blend of orange, clove, frankincense
and thyme in a gelatin capsule) which is designed to be released into the
intestine, bypassing stomach acidity (encapsulation in a “gel cap” allows
for this) – to then regulate blood density, increase oxygen availability,
bind heavy metals and petrochemicals for release from the body,
neutralize acidity and other toxins mobilized by the Yoga (the heat
and intensity of the postures), repair DNA/RNA, regulate the body’s heat and
use of water, regulate the endocrine system, and many, many, many other
benefits. Properly used, essential oils will only move to naturally
balance the system, and will never drive the body, mind, energy,
or spirit to an extreme beyond its proper balance.

I also place 2 drops each of lemon and peppermint oil in my drinking
water (and stevia - a natural, non-caloric sweetener) for drinking before,
during, and after the Yoga class, which further aids the body to balance,
regulate heat and blood density, neutralize toxins and acidity, etc. In today’s
world of “better living through chemistry” we hold vast amounts and types
of toxins, petrochemicals, and heavy metals in our systems, which the
Bikram Yoga® postures will mobilize. The need to use essential oils to
mitigate the effect of these toxins and prevent re-absorption is only
beginning to be appreciated, much less practiced. Essential oils add
a necessary dimension of empowerment to all the tools here and are
to ones quest for Self, wholeness, and well being.

Good Vibes and SelfQuesting
Contrary to popular belief, wholeness is not a term describing some vague mystery. Rather, when applied to a person, wholeness describes a uniform, un-fragmented state of fully conscious self-awareness from which one’s existence manifests according to ones wholeness of Being and its unified intent (Will). The psychiatrist Carl Jung called this unity of individual consciousness the “Self” (with a capital ‘S’). By definition, wholeness speaks to all of what it describes, not just some part of it. So, when describing an individual, wholeness speaks to that person being whole on all levels of their existence – consciousness, energy, mind, and body – as well as to their functioning and relating in life, and how their life manifests.
Wholeness therefore describes being whole in all aspects, complete. In this, as mentioned, all levels of reality require acknowledgement. In terms of the SelfQuesting Approach™ to wholing states of consciousness, acknowledgement of these levels is seen in part through the use of several vibrational tools whose effects on subtle energy (and consciousness itself) assists the less causal levels of mind and body to integrate the new wholeness of conscious being that SelfQuesting™ creates, thereby producing wellness.

Vibrational Tools
The tools shared here are “vibrational” in that they serve to assist the SelfQuesting™ process in moving one toward conscious, whole (and thus ‘well’) being by affecting the subtle energy. These tools act primarily through their positive effect on what Rupert Sheldrake called the “morphogenic” (form-shaping) fields of subtle, vibrational energy that we each consist of and are directed by. These morphogenic fields of subtle energy determine the structure and function of our body/mind and shape wellness or ‘dis-ease.’ Thus consciousness – as the prime director structuring our energy and from that the mind, body, and life – is the fundamental level requiring attention if we are to create “whole” being. Yet acknowledgement of the less causal levels of energy, mind, and body is also required.
So while oneness of conscious being is a necessary condition for an individual to be whole, it might not be sufficient enough to create the expression of whole being on all levels. The vibrational tools offered here support the expression of wholeness into these levels, and work in synergy with the SelfQuesting Approach™.

A Commitment… and a Necessity
Creating whole being is not difficult, but it does require discipline and persistence. Most of us today are exposed to more personal and environmental stresses in a week than our ancestors were exposed to in their entire lifetime. These stresses and pollutants take their toll on our well being. Creating wellness today requires insight, discipline, and commitment, as well as time to take effect, and it must become a way of living, and being. Nothing short of this will create well being and happiness. To fail is to court “dis-ease” and fall short of ones birthright of fulfillment.
Unless one is willing to waste their potential for well being and wholeness, one needs to take responsibility and commit to the knowledge, discipline, heart, and action required. If one applies the SelfQuesting Approach™ and the tools shared here, they can create a level of wellness, joy, and success rarely experienced. Evolving to live better than kings, the users of these tools can powerfully step up to their birthright – even to become the “gods” that perennial wisdom, scripture, and intuition have long and clearly told us we are. When properly applied, the benefits to ones health, success, and wholeness generated by these tools – especially through their synergistic use in combination – will be powerful and immediate, and will grow stronger over time

Holosync® from Centerpointe®

The last of the tools shared here is the Holosync® program from Centerpointe® (, which I immediately experienced as an
obvious aid to my Bikram Yoga
® (along with essential oils) allowing for greater stamina, quicker recovery after class, and more presence in the practice!
® is a set of listening CDs that slow the listener’s brainwaves down to theta and delta states. These slower brainwave states are usually only
experienced after decades of prolonged, deep meditation practice.

These slower brainwave states powerfully precipitate an emotional (and physical) working through. Holosync® also creates permanent positive
changes in brain physiology. By causing the creation of new neuronal connections between the hemispheres of the brain, Holosync greatly contributes
to whole-brain structure and function. The resulting clinically-verified shift in brain chemistry (roughly a 50% increase in DHEA and melatonin
post-session, with a similar decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone) speaks to the power of this technology. Bikran Yoga
® will also tend to
increase DHEA and serotonin/melatonin, decreasing cortisol, especially in the “half-tortoise” pose (ardha-kurmasana), as will the use of rawfoods,
especially maca. Young Living Essential Oils
® also significantly alter brain chemistry positively, including hormonal levels (the SclarEssence oil blend
among others), with documented evidence that these changes occur within proper limits – reflecting what many aromatherapists know from their
experience, that essential oils will not throw the body systems out of balance or drive it to extremes, but only bring systems back to appropriate
optimum levels.


From Personal Experience

Along with the addition of essential oils, Holosync® allowed me to step up my Yoga practice from 2-3 days a week to daily, without my body
seeming to break down as it had previously. The synergistic effect of Young Living Essential Oils
®, Holosync®, the Chi Machine®, and Bikram
® is truly an amazing thing to behold (especially when you’re 57 years old [and thus by most standards “over the hill!”] and detoxing majorly
from heavy metal and petrochemical poisoning)! What the combined use of these tools within the SelfQuesting process allows for, in terms of
opening one to a far greater potential for individual and collective consciousness, will inspire and place you in awe – an awe of a newfound potential
for life,
and you in it! Old rules, ideas, ways, institutions will no longer apply… as you finally come to being One Self!

You’ll find using the Chi Machine® in combo with YLEO essential oils during the “Dive” track of Holosync will greatly ease and accelerate
the integration of the Holosync program, just as they do the SelfQuesting
work. You’ll also find that using these tools reduces addictive cravings
and lends an ease to integrating raw food into your diet. The improvement these tools will bring to every aspect of your life will amaze you!

Finally, in using these tools you’ll want to learn from others. A little knowledge from experience can take you a long way. But keep in mind that
you are a unique individual with your own needs and path. Be patient. Do not compare yourself with others, and stay out of the ego. Instead focus
on doing the best you can for yourself at any time. It’s a process – two steps forward, one back – just keep taking those steps. Be the tortoise, not
the hare, and you will reach your goal of well being. Trust in your life’s path, and your Self!

Challenges will present themselves as fragments of your undiscovered Self surface, fearing and at the same time seeking unity and its power!
When you fall out of your commitment to yourself, come back, as you’re ready. Stay focused on your (as not yet fully formulated or known) goal of
wholeness. You are like the flower in the field blooming – it knows not what it’s doing, but somehow it blooms. Trust yourself.

You are doing this for yourself. Be good to yourself. “Follow your bliss.” Apply the Power Tap™, and bring persistent difficulties and
challenges into your SelfQuesting
sessions. If you do this, you’ll be amazed at how even longstanding issues melt away – issues that you hammered
away at for decades with other approaches. Persist, and you will soon see growth. Happiness, meaning, and success will reward you in ways you
never imagined. And the Love and Oneness of all Being will come to shine through your heart and light your way.

Greg has never felt better in his life 

[Note: For those of you who combine your Chi Machine use with the Holosync program (the “Dive” track) and add Young Living Essential
Oils to the experience (Valor on the feet, plus an YLEO oil blend like Motivation, White Angelica, Sacred Mountain, Clarity, Envision,
Inspiration, Dream Catcher, or frankincense on the back of the neck or diffused into the air), you are in for a blissful, dogma-shattering,
adrenalin-flushing, endocrine-balancing, unconscious-and-chakra-opening experience of Self when the Chi Machine shuts off and the
upward rush of Chi sets your body, mind, and being on fire! A really great way to start the day!]

[Note: Most people suffer from significant trauma effects held in the body, mind, and energy that are due to past or present exposure to heavy-metal and chemical toxins, as well as other physical and mental-emotional stressors. Whether or not you are aware of this, your adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, liver and other organs have probably been greatly affected. This very common stress syndrome, that almost as commonly goes undiagnosed (due to its creeping, often sub-clinical nature), is likely to have had a profound negative affect (perhaps for most of your life) on your health, overall performance, and your enjoyment of life.

Again, this syndrome most often exists without you being aware of it, until it becomes most obvious and debilitating with age. And though this syndrome responds well to a vegetarian, rawfoods diet, which lowers inflammation and from that many of the syndrome’s symptoms, further attention in terms of proper medical attention involving thorough detoxifying and nutrient rebuilding, as well as SelfQuesting, is needed to overcome root causes in the psyche and body, and bring about optimal well being. Products such as zeolites, homeopathics, enzymes, essential oils (and supplements that employ essential oils that are far more bio-available thn those that don’t), as well as devices such as the Chi Machine, Zapper, and Bio-Photon Analyzer will be necessary to whole the body/mind. All levels of reality; body, mind, energy, and consciousness will need to be acknowledged.

In terms of medical attention, I strongly recommend James Wilson’s (ND) book Adrenal Fatigue, which well describes what has fast become the major misdiagnosed, stress syndrome of the 21st Century.  Many maladies - including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, listlessness, back pain, heart conditions, weight gain, nervous system disorders, cancer, sexual dysfunction, blood sugar irregularities, candida, and a general overall inability to thrive – which are reaching epidemic proportions in North America – are due to this triumvirate syndrome of malfunction involving the adrenals, thyroid, and pancreas, as well as an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system that in part originates from and is perpetuated by the fragmented Self.

Sadly, this fatigue syndrome has been medically treatable since the 1940’s, but ignored by modern medicine (probably due to the fact that proper treatment is relatively inexpensive and thus provides a low profit margin to the pharmaceutical industry). The fragmented Self greatly contributes to this stress syndrome. One primary pathway by which the fragmented Self does this directly can be seen in its well-documented unbalancing of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic-parasympathetic), that in turn contributes greatly to the overall wide range of body/mind dysfunction described above.]

  Motto: Well Being is a Consciousness radiating the Wholeness of One Self
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