The Power Tap™

Like the other vibrational tools shared here, the Power Tap™ is a wonderful standalone tool for promoting whole being. Derived from a half-century tradition of clinical practice under practitioners like Roger Callahan, James Durlacher, Jimmy Scott, Gary Graig, Robert Kirby, Evelyn Budd-Michaels, and Brian Foley, the Power Tap™ draws on the best aspects of techniques like Thought Field Therapy, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and many other methods, thoroughly researched.

However, unlike other methods of energy-meridian tapping and clearing, no kinesiology or other diagnostic techiniques are necessary with the Power Tap™, and all tapping is always self-applied. Experience shows the Power Tap™ to be highly effective compared with other clearing procedures, and yet simpler to learn and apply. Memorize the Power Tap™, and you will have it when its needed, and won’t have to think about it while trying to apply it, which is difficult when negative emotions are presenting and take the mind away.
For an outline of this energy-meridian stimulation technique (with a diagram of tapping points), used as an aid to The SelfQuesting Approach™ to healing states of consciousness. Similar to resetting a computer that has gone into a bad software/hardware loop, this technique resets ones subtle energy system by stimulating known energy points on the body. In so doing, it facilitates a relief, balance, and normalization of the body, mind, emotions, and subtle energy by releasing the expression of trapped consciousness from blocked energy structures that are manifesting ‘dis-ease’ in the body/mind.

The important element in effecting the desired relief in the body-mind is to hold the problem or difficulty in ones awareness as much as possible while engaging in the tapping procedure. The more clearly and powerfully the problem’s content (physical or emotional pain, memory, thought, imagery, etc.) is held in ones awareness during the tapping sequences, the more quickly and powerfully the problem is resolved. This technique can be applied in combination with essential oils (applied on the tapping fingers and/or points) and used for physical and emotional difficulties or any issue that one would like to explore. The Power Tap™ is an excellent tool for opening and exploring the unconscious, and for getting to the deeper causes behind the symptoms, including trapped, fragmented awareness.

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Extremely disabling, longstanding problems (phobias, emotional and physical pains, anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.) have been cleared in minutes using the Power Tap™ procedure. Don’t underestimate its power. Set your intent and apply it with conviction, and you will get results. It might require applying the Power Tap™ on a problem several times a day for a few weeks, but persist and you will get amazing results that cross over into other areas of your life and being.

If you’re stuck, call – experience shows that a helpful pointer can go a long way in providing the desired relief. If the process fails to bring permanent relief, then a more direct approach in addressing the trapped consciousness is required. The SelfQuesting Approach™ is as direct as it gets in addressing consciousness on its own level, that of awareness.

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