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            The following is an outline of an energy-meridian stimulation technique (see also the diagram on the reverse) used as an aid to The SelfQuesting Approachto healing states of consciousness. Similar to resetting a computer that has gone into a bad software/hardware loop, this technique resets our subtle energy system by stimulating known energy points on the body, and facilitates a relief, balance, and normalization of the body, mind, and subtle energy, by aiding to release consciousness from self-created, blocked, energy structures that manifest "dis-ease" in the body/mind.

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            The important element to effect the desired result of relief on the body/mind is to hold the problem or difficulty in ones awareness as much as possible while engaging in the techniques below. The more clearly and powerfully the problem's content (physical pain or painful emotion, memory, thought, imagery, etc.) is held in ones awareness during the tapping sequences, the more quickly and powerfully the problem is resolved. No kinesiology (or other diagnostic methods, such as dowsing) is necessary with this approach, and all tapping/massage is usually self-applied.


            Gathering as much of the problem's undesirable effects in your awareness, rate the current strength of intensity of the negative effects of the problem on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the maximum intensity experienced, 0 being no sensitivity at all for the pain).  This is used to later help determine the effect of the clearing process at various stages.


Stage 1:  Thymus Tap (tap counterclockwise, using the index and middle fingers, around the thymus area [upper chest])

    While tapping, state: "I want to be free of [state succinctly (clearly & briefly) the problem, pain, injury, difficulty]"

                                    "I'm  ready, willing and able to be free of [state succinctly the problem,&.]"

                                    "I deserve to be free of [state succinctly the problem,&.]"

                                    "It's safe to be free of [state succinctly the problem &.]"

                                    "I forgive myself for having had this [succinct statement of problem]. "                           

"I forgive all others for my having had this [succinct statement of problem]."

 (Any negative reactions to these statements should be recognized as part of the problem and tapped. This might require tapping through all stages on just these new reactions, then returning to tap the original problem if its not been cleared)


Stage 2: Eliminate Self-Sabotage to Healing - massage the "PR" (psychological reversal) point on left upper chest.

    While massaging state: I profoundly and completely love and accept myself for having had this [state problem clearly & briefly] and all related imbalances and difficulties on all levels of my Being, and any associated fragmentation -and I thank them for helping me and for giving me my choice to be free of them now. (Repeat two or three times)


(If the client experiences a difficulty remembering/repeating the words, this is likely to be a positive indicator that

unconscious self-sabotage is being cleared on an unconscious level, [thus, short-term memory is affected])


Stage 3: The Primary Tapping Sequence - tap on each head & body point #1 through #8 (see diagram on reverse).

 (state problem twice succinctly [clearly and briefly] at each point tapped, tap each point about 8 times)


Stage 4: Gamut Tap  tap the gamut point [#10] on back of hand (hold problem in awareness) while doing this series.

 Raise eyes from floor to ceiling (slowly, 5-10 seconds) - briefly state aloud the pain, trauma, or difficulty.    

 (Repeat several times, revisiting & holding the eyes in positions of difficulty [skipping, spacing, hot flashes,...])


Rate & Repeat (if the negative state is still being experienced, start again with Stage 1, 2, 3, or 4 above, repeat)


(Thanks to the following for their contributions to the development of these procedures: Roger Callahan,

J. Durlacher, Jimmy Scott, Gary Graig, Robert Kirby, Evelyn Budd-Michaels, Gary Boone & Brian Foley)


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