“My deeply personal experience of SelfQuesting was powerful and had dramatic results. I am living daily with these positive results and it is a big difference…
The most immediate impact was improved relationships. I am open to seeing the truth of the moment without negative emotions entering to control my responses. Thanks Greg!”
—RM (San Fernando Valley, CA)
“The highlight for me was the SelfQuest integration work. It’s hard to evaluate in words right now, but I feel more evolved and spiritual, and with a strong intent to grow and continue my quest... I had already been exposed to the SelfQuest sessions before, but this weekend went further and deeper and was very experiential. I hope to attend more!”
—WS (West LA)
“With the newfound community built through Dr. Hitter’s ease and guidance, it was comfortable to release my masks, to allow my inner self to emerge. There is a calm excitement that was built, welcomed and worn. I was allowed to delve into and release that which no longer serves me...
“The presentation gave me a new vision of my being. The experience was a sweet integration of oils, releasing and euphoria. It gave me back my heart. It gave me back my youth!”
—MJN (San Diego, CA)
“From our first session I realized that my Quest for Self is not just a search for Truth, but more importantly a quest for Beauty.”
-–Psychiatrist (UK)
"Greg has been at the forefront of health professionals making practical use of quantum mechanics in their health and healing work.
As you might imagine, when you're building on a powerful foundation, what can be accomplished is also extremely powerful. I have found Greg to be inspired, committed and brilliant in his facilitation, permanently shifting the effects we experience in our lives at the causal level. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who feels drawn to this type of inner expansion."
-TM (Ojai, CA)
"Unlike psychologists and healers of the mind/body who use fancy ideas like "transformations in O" (drawing on the ancient use of the circle to imply 'containment' - a desired element in today's psychotherapy), or theories of left/right brain integration that suggest "how to" but fall short in practical application, Greg's SelfQuesting provides a quick direct method of connecting with fragments of Self through its issues, and then releases that trapped awareness into oneness with the consciousness (Self) radiating in the body, thus creating whole (well) being. His use of vibrational tools, such as essential oils, to balance the brain hemispheres, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and the negative effects of fragmented consciousness, works and is clinically proven! Intuitive, direct, simple, elegant, done!"
Psychotherapist (Los Angeles,CA)
"While working with Greg, I experienced immediate and profound shifts in both consciousness and physical issues. He is a clear and caring channel for immediate healing."
-SM (San Fernando Valley)
"The Self-Questing Approach helped me to put together the pieces of the 'Self' puzzle to create a more unified Self. Through this process I feel more alive and have a greater sense of wholeness. I found the sessions and the workshops transforming and enlightening. This technique gave me an understanding of how the ego self works to protect itself and keep us unconscious, which perpetuates separateness instead of wholeness. Thank you Greg for the amazing work!"
PM San Fernando Valley, CA
I chose Greg's SelfQuesting approach as the most gentle, thorough and effective way to address emotional issues that frequently surface during the course of energetic and/or physical bodywork sessions. During the workshops I attended, my own issues were addressed and solved, changing my relationships for the better, breaking up old, crippling patterns in my own behavior. I have directed many friends and clients toward SelfQuesting, all of whom have benefitted tremendously. I am so very grateful to have Greg in my life...." -PM (Mendocino, CA)
  Motto: Well Being is a Consciousness radiating the Wholeness of One Self
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